“When I saw Rinos Stefani’s paintings many years ago, what impressed me most was the sincerity, which runs through all his work. He still has this effusive directness, which gives his work, power and freshness. He continuously simplifies, keeps what’s important and necessary, the rest disappears. This process requires daring and strong temperament from the part of the artist.

Rinos Stefani is well traveled and many of these “places” are brought into his work. Human figure has been for years the center of his paintings. His lovers, acrobats, dancers move by an inner energy to conquer space and time and they do so with anguish, passion and impetuousness. The paintings of the erotic series brandish intense emotional vibrations, full of eroticism and youthful exuberance. Love without guilt, far from hypocrisies and inhibitions. His visual language comes to a sensual peak and reveals unseen aspects of human experience. He plays with opposites with spontaneity, directness and an unbridled passion. His restless spirit and fertile curiosity turn his images of ordinary things into metaphors of metaphysical phenomena of life and death.”

Text by Andreas Hadjithomas, New Epochi magazine, Summer 2004