Text by Dr. Nadia Anaxagorou, Contemporary Art in Pafos, Catalogue of Pafos Municipal Gallery, 2007

Rinos Stefani articulates a robust idiom with the Mediterranean idiosyncrasy of a gestural expressionism, through his exuberant colour and his dynamic curves, triangles, rectangles, crosses and trapezoids, which engender a magic, transcendental infinity in space. His series of happenings and installations “Soldiers – Targets” and “Human Targets” trigger his aim at transcribing, in painterly means, the impetuous temperament of Zorba, as an embodiment of motion and of inborn sensuality, into dancers, lovers and acrobats. With bold, rich brushstrokes, he embarks upon an exploration of blues, reds and yellows, the subtler tonalities of white and the gradations of brown and tan, abstracting through successive layers, erasing, thus, the immaterial and revealing the quintessence of the people, the landscape and the light of Cyprus.