Rinos Stefani’s installations SOLDIERS – TARGETS and HUMAN TARGETS deal with questions of military conflicts, war and violence. In 1990 Stefani found a perforated military target in the Akamas area, Cyprus. In 1994 he made the installation “Soldiers – Targets” which in the following years was presented in various renditions both in Cyprus and abroad. The Coral Bay Targets is a praxis which Rinos Stefani did at Coral Bay, Paphos in 17 August 1995 during the peak of the touristic season in Cyprus. The artist placed his Soldiers – Targets installation along the beach, among the bikini clad crowd. In 2000 Stefani simplified the form of this installation by modifying Soldiers – Targets, changing their size and colour. They became Human Targets. In 2011 Stefani proposed a project titled “On Target” for the candidacy of Pafos 2017 European Capital of Culture. In 2013 Pafos won the title and On Target project was included in the official program of Pafos 2017.