The Cyprus weekly, April 22 – 28, 1994, by Glyn Hughes

Kathodos in Akamas: In 1991 a group of Paphian artists started “Kathodos” and presented their work in the Tombs of the Kings. They have been working on another project this spring in the Akamas area called “Ecotopia” and have tried to exploit the possibilities of creating works of art with nature. They started off from the Coast of Achaeans in the Maa area to Ayios Georgios of Peyia on Sunday 24 April, 6 pm

Rinos Stefani organises another “Praxis” as he calls his happenings. Motivated by the warning sign of the Akamas area “Danger, do not touch” and the military targets, he created an army of facsimile Soldiers – Targets and arranged them in line along the coast. This work evokes his “Praxis” when he placed 20 identical mannequins on the beach among the bathers in July 1992.

Susan Vargas is dealing with the “Boat” as an archetypal symbol, charged through the centuries with different symbolisms such as the vehicle which carries the soul to the “other” world, as a symbol of movement which unites different cultures as well as a symbol between the natural and the metaphysical.